Should Students Return Back To School?

This graph shows what students at DNO think about going back to school.

This graph shows what students at DNO think about going back to school.

Abril Marrero, Editor

We are going through a tough time with the coronavirus pandemic at this moment, but everything seems to be open except for schools. Should they begin to reopen? Today, we will look through the options on reopening schools in Encinitas that experts have given and what students think should happen, and how soon.


As we have seen, San Diego has been decreasing its cases significantly, it does not mean the virus is over but people are being more precarious and cases are going down. There have been a lot of debates on whether we should be going back to school and we agree with them. The pandemic has affected a lot: people were working at home with kids yelling and running everywhere, kids were trying to keep learning while having the internet go out out of nowhere, we didn’t see other people or friends for months, and we stayed inside (mostly in front of a computer) for months on end. Although we are getting kinda used to it, it is still not the same as before. After tons of looking at articles, I have come to the conclusion that experts don’t think “kids should go back to school because the pandemic is still happening.” I have something to say about that but I will talk about it later. 


Okay, but what do the students think? I took a poll on Instagram to answer this and these are the results are on the pie chart next to my article. 

As we can see, a lot of students at DNO think we should go to school, but almost half of those interviewed think we shouldn’t go back to school. While the argument of those who want to go back to school varies in “I am not learning as great” or “I miss my friends and teachers”, the argument for those who do NOT want to go back to school is “I can understand so much better”, “I have more free time”, and “I am less stressed”. Both points of view are obviously valid, and the opinions are almost at 50/50.


My opinion: I believe we should go back to school. I am aware of the virus being around, and I get it, it is very dangerous and very much still there, but hear me out. Students at DNO are outside anyway. They are in groups at the beach, parties, public spaces, etc. and they don’t wear masks either. If kids are not outside, unprotected, they are in front of a screen. Parents are concerned because they are always trying to make their kid’s screen time to go down, and with online school, we are sitting in front of a screen for at least six hours a day. How would school help? Students tend to follow the rules in school, which means they would wear masks, distance, sanitize, and other rules needed to be implemented. In addition, we are not learning as well as we would at school because we have to try other methods so students can more easily learn. To conclude, I believe that we (middle schoolers) should be able to go back to school.