The iPhone Craze

Alexandra Wong, Staff

Apple’s new iPhone 12 just came out! The new models are just like the iPhone 11 models except they are lighter, have flat sides, fast charging, and include different colors. Some people don’t think it is worth the money to get the iPhone while others are raving about it. Lots of people are going to the stores and buying the new phone and some are staying at home with their recent phones and just buying the fast charger.

The seventh-grader, Audrey Skerl, was questioned about the new iPhone that Apple came out with. She thinks the iPhone 12 has a great, new camera but,  is very similar to the previous iPhone model, iPhone 11. Audrey replied, “I would keep my phone right now because my phone right now has a home button which I like. I also like the size because it fits in my hand,” after she was asked if she would get the iPhone 12 right now. If she were to get the new phone, she would the iPhone 12 mini because of the smaller size. In comparison to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the mini model has a 5.4” screen size while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.7” screen size. Another seventh-grader, Alyssa Larner, was also asked about what she thinks about the iPhone 12. “I think the new iPhone is really nice and it has a good frame, structure, and it has a good speed. However, I do think it is very similar to the iPhone 11,” Alyssa explained. She also described that she would go get the iPhone 12 if someone gave it to her. The thirteen-year-old said that he would want to get iPhone 12 because it is fast, nice, and a newer phone. Alyssa described, “I would get the iPhone 12 Mini because it fits in my hand better.” 

Lots of people have different opinions about the new phone from loving it to hating it. The pros and cons vary from different perspectives of the new features and differences or similarities from the prior phone model. Overall, the point of view varies from person to person about the newest phone, the iPhone 12.