E-Bikes: The New Transportation for Teens



E-bikes at Diegueno Middle School

Lily Larson, staff

E-Bikes have become really popular for kids all around the world. More than 600,000 e-bikes were sold around Christmas time. Ever since the increase in e-bike users, the percentage of kids who walk to school on a daily basis has decreased. You can now find most kids riding e-bikes to school, malls, parks, or other places. 


E-bikes have also become very popular for Diegueno students. A fellow student, Ruby Rawson has spoken about her experience with her e-bike. Ruby has had her e-bike for a couple years. She first got it during the summer of 2019. She uses her e-bike everyday as her choice of transportation. Although Ruby does not ride it to school, she does use it for many other activities. When asked if she recommended e-bike, she said yes. Ruby Rawson is a seventh grader at Diegueno Middle School who enjoys spending time riding her e-bike with her friends.


To summarize, e-bikes are recommended by teenagers all around the world. There are many ways an e-bike could be of use to you. E-bikes are also a safe transportation for teens, when they follow the guidelines. Now, go and get your e-bikes and don’t forget to wear your helmet!