Ruby Rawson , Editor


     Last year was a weird year for DNO, kids were online ¾ of the year and only in person ¼ of the time. So kids didn’t get to experience the regular traditions and rules of Dno. But this year they are, and one of those new things for all the students is DNOs PE clothes. I wanted to ask students what their opinions are on the PE clothes and if they like wearing them or not. I asked 10 students how they felt about the PE clothes and every answer was the same. They don’t like them. But there were different answers on why DNO students don’t enjoy the pe clothes and here are some student quotes, “ I don’t like them because i do not like how they look and they are uncomfortable” said Rose Anderson an 8th grader. Sofia Cockle stated, “ They are way too big and they are targeted towards men.”. Another response from Talia Rarick said, “ I do not like them because they are uncomfortable and they do not look good and they have bad sizes.” So far we only have negative feedback. Let’s see what these 2 other interviews have to say. Sophie Holloway answered the question with, “ I don’t like the shorts because I don’t like how they look”. And from our last interview Mia Reynoso we have yet another negative response, “ I understand the safety reasons of the clothes but i think people should be able to wear their own exercise clothes.” Well you heard it hear first folks DNO students DO NOT like DNOs PE clothes!