Dress Code Towards Girls

McKenzie Munson and Avery Walanski

Dress code is a policy schools or businesses make to keep people from wearing certain clothing items.Many girls in their school disagree with their dress code. The clothes that these girls wear is just a way to express themselves and show their personalities. Hannah Gordon, Brinn Uffelman, Mia Oh, Stella Norwood, Mia Rohrbach, and Piper Sistek all agree that the girls’ school dress code is not that fair.


    According to all of these girls, they think that the dress code for girls is unfair. Have you really seen a boy get dress coded? The boys list is only a few rules, but the girls list has at least 20 rules to follow. If girls choose to wear a crop top to school, they don’t want to end up having to cover their midriff or change. Your midriff, shoulders, or legs shouldn’t be and aren’t distracting. Hannah Gordon states, “it’s just a way for us to express ourselves.” Some of the rules written into the dress code make sense, but many girls agree it should be adjusted. Girls should be able to wear whatever they want as long as it is not too revealing. Some of the clothing items that should be acceptable are crop tops and shorts above your fingertips. The dress code should be changed.


Dress code should still be kept for girls and boys, but the list for girls needs a change. Schools should allow girls to really express themselves through the pieces they choose to wear.