Should The Nutrition Break Be Longer?


The DNO nutrition break line.

Leila Schneider, staff

Do you get hungry in the morning? Especially after working hard for almost two hours? Is five minutes really enough time to go to the bathroom, eat a snack and walk to your next class? I personally don’t think so, and neither do some of the kids at DNO. Caroline Rohr was asked about this situation, “ I think that the nutrition break should be longer because I barely have enough time to get in line before the bell rings and I have to go to class.”  Many students agree with this statement such as Miles Yui, Mckenzie Munson, and Kentia Kripalai.  Miles reported that he sometimes gets let out of class late and barely has any time to eat or talk to his friends. He is just forced to go to his next class. Some classes like math don’t even give breaks in their hour forty-five minute classes. I know it’s not just me who gets hungry. Mckenzie says that she wants more time to talk to her friends. If you were just in a long class where you weren’t allowed to socialize with your peers, you would probably want to have some time to talk with your friends. Kentia is a seventh grader who wants time to get snack and talk as well as Mckenzie.

 The lunch lines at DNO are extremely, enormously long. During lunch, you may only be able to sit with your friends for ten minutes! The lunch time is forty minutes so you can probably just imagine how long it would take during a nutrition break. Studies have shown that breaks are good for students. Responses to the question, “how long do you think the nutrition break should be?”  were the following. “I think that the nutrition break should be at least 10-15 minutes long. That would give me enough time to eat my snack and talk with my friends,” Kentia explained. Mckenzie says that it should be 15 minutes for the same reasons, to eat and talk to her friends. I feel that 5 minutes is not enough time to have a nutrition break and I hope you agree with me.