Our Gummed Up School


Natasha Thomas

Gum on school grounds

Natasha Thomas, Staff

Gum outside the K building

    Littering the school’s grounds and being a student favorite, gum has different effects on everyone.  The problem, though, is that gum has been banned at Diegueno for decades and counting.   This rule is constantly ignored by the student population and has become one of the most common disregards for school rules.  Teachers as well as students all have different ideas about gum in class.  For many staff members, that includes different punishments.

Sade Gunn

     Our teachers work tirelessly to help us learn throughout each school day.  Gum can just be another distraction for their students.  Many teachers have nasty punishments for gum chewers.  One of our science teachers, Mrs. Nguyen, provides each student one warning if they are caught with gum and if it happens again, they have to write “I will not chew gum in Mrs. Nguyen’s class” 100 times.  Each time after that the amount doubles, 200, 400, 800, etc.  Can you imagine how much your hand would hurt after that?  Mrs. Rushing, an English teacher at Diegueno, says that she’s had, “students get gum on their pants after leaning on the table….I see gum under tables and on the carpet.”  She sees why the rule is in place and also comments, “There are some countries, like in Singapore where gum is illegal.”  A whole country has banned gum, should we?

Anna Nagy

     Not all students agree on one opinion, though.  Anna Nagy, a seventh grader, says that she and so many others love gum and thinks, “It’s good because it relieves stress for students.”  When asked why the rule might be in place, she states, “The school doesn’t want people to step in [gum] and pollute our school.”  Sade Gunn, a seventh grade student states that, “I think that kids should have gum.  Lots of people have gum, lots of people love gum.”  Gunn believes the rule is in place currently because, “Kids tend to leave [gum] everywhere.  Like stuck in the carpet or under desks.”  Other students say that we have to earn the privilege of gum.  Emma Graves says that if the campus allows gum, we have to keep it clean.  “If they find even one piece of gum not where it belongs, the entire school shouldn’t be allowed to have it.”  She wants the rule to be tough, but fair.

Emma Graves

     It’s no secret that gum has affected our school in a big way.  Students, teachers, and staff all have different opinions and outlooks on the issue.  Look at the ground as you’re walking to class, the gum is endless, but so are the benefits.  What do you think the rule for gum chewing should be?