Having phones at school is one of the most talked about discussions at Diegueno. In the beginning of the 2021- 2022 school year, Diegueno banned phones from school. Ever since then, phones have not been allowed at school, but people have been breaking the rules, making everyone wonder “should we have phones at school?”

daisOver the past few school years, kids have had no phones aloud at school due to multiple situations where students abused the phone rule. Sadly, other kids have taken away the phone privilege for other kids due to their bad actions. 

We went around asking kids around campus, “Should we have phones at school?”. Almost everyone agreed to having phones at school and said that it was a good idea. There were multiple reasons why people said having phones at school was a good idea, but the main reason was for calling parents if something happened. Mitchell Farmer says that, “If something happens and my mom needs to text me, I should be able to respond.” A few other kids agreed with this. 

Another answer we got was from Jackson Izzard. When we asked him he responded with “Yes because it’s not fair to the kids. Teachers can use their phones and kids can’t. It’s not like they’re using them for school.” Izzard’s opinions match up with many other kids.  For example, Avalon Benshoof said, “yes, we should be able to have our phones at school, but at the appropriate time.”

 Although one student, Emma Peddycord, disagreed with this, and said we should not have phones at school. “We should not have phones at school because people should talk and be in the moment, so they can have real conversations.” Although not many people argue for this, it brings a very good point to the table.

This topic has been considered, discussed, and argued with for the past couple school years, but there doesn’t seem to be a change in these rules any time soon. So what do you think? Should we keep our rules the same, and have phones at school, or change it up and allow phones>