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Are You Ready To Have A Ball?
80% of kids play a sport or are active. Many kids love a certain sport like soccer, basketball, swim, or even wrestling. Did you know 6 out of 10 adults are active? Even the slightest movement or walking is being active.

DÑO is the place to go if you want to see amazing activities and sports. Ask eighth-grader Kylie Alvarez what her favorite sport was her favorite sport was soccer and, she loves the sport because ” I get to play with my friends”. Kylie Alvarez plays for express and loves it, she says she’s played soccer for many years. She says its way better than other sports.

We also asked Rafa Fabito what his favorite sport was.he said his favorite sport is basketball he says “I’ve played the sport ever since I was a little boy”. Rafa plays for the Junior Mavericks team we asked him if you wanted to go pro one day but he said “no because I’d rather run a business and is not as busy as playing a sport “he also Says “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work. He says Basketball is the best sport ever.

We also asked another soccer player named Alexa Gonzalez she says “I like soccer because it’s fun to interact with other people and to be competitive”. Alexa is in seventh grade and she plays for the U 13 express team she says “I’d like to be a pro goalie one day ” Her quote is “never give up and always follow your dreams”. Alexa also said that soccer is the bomb.

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