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iPhone 7 Review: How A Piece of Technology Changed Phones Forever

Morgan Zuccaro, Editor

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     On September 7, 2016, a new era of iPhones appeared, the iPhone 7 and 7+ are currently the newest and most improved electronic that Apple has released. Offering many new features such as better photos and no headphone jack, the iPhone 7 has racked up many reviews and opinions about it. I personally own this type of phone, so from a first hand experience, the iPhone is a vast change from the older 6. Although coming across minor issues, my overall experience with the iPhone 7 has been great!

     Talk about the iPhone 7 has been everywhere, from school to the news and has a generally positive reaction. When first getting my phone, I noticed the clearness of my photos and the less-grainy looking zoomed up pictures. The Siri feature works much more efficiently and the home button fingerprint reacts far more quickly than before. Another improvement on the new technology is that it is semi-waterproof! And by semi-waterproof, I mean that this phone can go up to three feet underwater. Not only is this very useful in taking artistic underwater photos, but it also benefits the majority of the population who tends to drop their phones in unwanted places (such as myself). The iPhone 7 and 7+ also have a broader and more powerful speaker that allows the user to hear much more and from further away. Finally, but not limited to, these phones offer more data, which solves the problem of that “no storage” ad!

     Unfortunately all great things have a bad side and this phone is not an exception. The major concern that most people have is about the missing headphone jack. Yes, it is not a doubt that this is a change and occasionally a struggle. Upon getting the phone, it comes with a pair of headphones, the only difference between a regular pair and these is that the new ones plug into the lightning connector instead of the small circular jack. If you happen to lose the pair given, Apple brilliantly created a connector to use old pairs on your new phone. The only dilemma with this is when you phone is dying and you want to use your headphones AND charge your phone, it is not possible. Another solution is to buy wireless headphones! Pricey, yes, but very useful. This is how I personally listen to music with my phone. The only other con that I can find is that there is no home button. There is the small circle where you can put your finger, but it doesn’t press down. The solution that Apple thought of with this is to have a click register when pressed. You can change the intensity of the click as well.

     In the end, I absolutely adore the iPhone 7 and find it to be a fascinating and advanced piece of technology. In my case, and many others, the pros outweigh the cons, making the choice of getting one a no-brainer. The feature I find the most interesting is the camera quality. It is so astounding, I couldn’t see a difference between real life and the photo. I enjoy the iPhone 7 and its counterpart the iPhone 7+ greatly and encourage it to everyone!  

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iPhone 7 Review: How A Piece of Technology Changed Phones Forever