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VR Review

Lola Taylor, Adviser

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Virtual reality is finally here–it’s hit the mainstream market and is out to the public. Phone companies are taking full advantage of this pumping out VR cases for your phone like nobody’s business. Some are pricey pc VRs like the oculus rift and the HTC vive that go for 600-1000$. But today I’m only reviewing the phone VR systems. The Samsung VR is affordable and uses two cameras instead of one making a more immersive experience. The cardboard VR is the cheapest out the bunch but it fits any phone and it works OK for the price. The PlayStation VR is the most expensive and plays better games on it and is PC quality but it does a poor job of sealing out light. Sabrina Larson has a VR of her own, this is what she thinks about it “This is one of the coolest pieces of technology that I have ever had! Everything you see is so life-like! ”.

VR allows us to experience games and videos in 360 but re some downsides? Well for one, you can get very motion sick from playing too long, and the VR is fairly new, so there are going to be a lot of flaws, also, some of the really good VRs are very pricey.

Overall the future is now. 

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VR Review