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Diegueno’s New Bell

Ellie Noel, Staff

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RING! RING! That’s the bell, time for class! We hear our bell many times a day so getting a new one can be a bit of a hard change. Some like the new bell because it’s “softer and less threatening” than our old one. However, a lot of kids think that it’s too quiet and rather annoying. “Are we turning into an airport?” asks Lola Taylor, a Diegueno student. In fact, many students are saying that our new bell sounds just like the “fasten your seatbelts” noise on an airplane.  Annie Willett says, “The bell is way too quiet! My friends and I can’t even hear when we are supposed to go to class anymore!”  Sometimes students even miss the bell entirely and the only reason we know to go to class is because we see other students getting up. Even some of the teachers at Diegueno think that our new bell is too quiet. Journalism and English teacher Mrs. Smith says, “The teachers wanted to change the old bell because it was too loud and obnoxious. But now, the new bell isn’t loud enough.” Many students and teachers across campus agree with this statement. In conclusion, Diegueno’s new bell is unliked by many students for reasons such as, “it’s too quiet,” “we sound like an airport,” and, “it’s just stupid.”  If you dislike the bell, tell your teachers and maybe we can make a change!

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Diegueno’s New Bell