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Fidget Spinner Reviews

Eli Silberman, Staff

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As you probably know, fidget spinners have become the new craze at our school. Although, what do people actually think of them? I have interviewed Sidney Gudger, Pierce Putnam and Caden Cook to tell me their thoughts. Sidney, thinking that spinners are “alright” gave them a 6/10 because she thinks they are a little boring and repetitive.  Pierce thinks that spinners are kind of cool but he thinks that they are pretty pointless Overall, he rates it a 8/10. Caden believes spinners are a solid 7/10 and says he likes the pretty ones that spin for a long time. Caden also says, “Spinners are a great thing, but I did some research and found out that the lady who invented them has not gotten paid a dime which is why I am selling my fidget spinner.” In the end, people are pretty into fidget spinners, everyone had something positive to say but did admit one or two negatives.



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Fidget Spinner Reviews