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Vanessa Anguiano, Staff

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Passengers came out on December 21, 2016. It’s a romantic science fiction film featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Passengers made $302 million worldwide. The movie received 2 Oscar nominations: Best Original Score Music and Best Production Design. They unfortunately, didn’t win either of them. Passengers is rated PG-13 in theaters.

There are 5,000 colonists and 258 crew members on board the Starship Avalon. They are all in hibernation pods and will be asleep for 120 years. After 120 years, they will wake up on a new planet called Homestead 2. 30 years into the journey, there is a pod malfunction due to an asteroid that hit the ship. Waking up from the pod early is impossible; it has never happened before. Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a mechanical engineer, wakes up 90 years to early.

Jim realizes that he is all alone and has no one to talk to except a robot named Arthur to keep him company. After being awake for over year, he becomes depressed and lonely. Jim decides to wake up Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence), a writer. When she wakes up she is confused and realizes that she and Jim are the only ones awake and she doesn’t understand why. Jim tells Arthur that he woke her up and says not to tell her. Jim lies by telling Aurora that both of their pods had a malfunction. They go on many dates, and fall in love with each other.

There have been may small glitches on the ship. Arthur ends up telling Aurora that Jim woke her up. Aurora becomes angry and very upset. She yells at Jim and tells him to stay away from her because he took her life away. While this is going on, Gus (Laurence Fishburne), a crew member, wakes up. He is the only one that can access the front of the ship. Gus explains that something bad is wrong with the ship.

One day, Gus collapses and dies. Aurora and Jim are on their own now to fix the ship. They find the hole made by a meteorite. The manual override won’t work, so Jim decides to go outside in a spacesuit to fix it. In order for the manual vent to work, Jim has to hold onto the handle. If Aurora pulls the lever, then Jim will most likely die because of the pressure that has been developed from the ship. She pulls the lever and Jim is pushed out into space. His tether breaks and he has a hole in his suit. Aurora gets into a space suit and goes to look for him. She finds him and thinks he’s dead. Aurora puts Jim in the infirmary, and the machine says that he’s dead. She uses Gus’ wristband and the override code to get the machine to revive Jim. He is revived, and Aurora is overjoyed.

Later, everything is working and back to normal on the ship. Jim tells Aurora that he found a way using the infirmary to put someone back in hibernation. He tries to convince Aurora to go, but she chooses to stay awake with him.

88 years later, everyone on the ship wakes up from hibernation. They find lots of beautiful plants, birds flying, and a cabin.

Overall, I think that it’s a good movie; although the storyline could have been more interesting. I rate is as an 8.5/10. I like to think of the movie as “Titanic in space.” Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was flawless of course, and so was Chris Pratt’s. Passengers got a lot of hate, and I don’t really understand why. There’s action with fixing the malfunction, which I enjoyed a lot. I also found the robots very interesting and the visual effects were pretty cool, too.


31% Critics; 64% Audience- Rotten Tomatoes

7/10- IMDb


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