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Beauty and the Beast

Emily Givens

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Beauty and the Beast

By Emily Givens


Disney Studios has stuck the world once again with another master piece.  Beauty and the Beast became the number one movie in the world and made more money in one week than the originals total makings. It is a wonderful re making of the original worth 160 million dollars. I happened to see it twice I loved it so much. The actors were exquisite and the special effects were amazing. It was still true to the original but brought greater depth to the characters. You really got to know Belle and the Beasts history more than in the original. “This gloriously old-fashioned musical with gee-whiz trappings is a dazzling beauty to behold and is anything but a beastly re-interpretation of a fairy tale as old as time.” says  Susan Wloszczyna from Rogerebert.com. I personally recommend it to anyone that loves Disney and its classic tales. Beauty and the Beast recently won Movie of the year and Emma Watson won best actress at the MTV awards. I interviewed a seventh grade diegueno student named Morgan Evans. She said “ I thought the special effects were really good and the acting was great, Emma Watson was especially good.” Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast was definitely a masterpiece and will go down in history.






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Beauty and the Beast