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Crack Shack Review

Andrew Loren, Staff

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   I’m sure we have all heard of the Crack Shack. If you somehow have not, let me tell you this- you will want to go there. It is located in Encinitas across the street from In n Out Burgers and Oggi’s Pizza. They serve everything chicken.


  When I walked in, I first ordered a 5 piece chicken meal at a reasonable price of $8. The waiters and waitresses were very friendly and patient for my family of 6 to order all of our meals.  I then got one of the 8 signature drinks there, their take of a Shirley Temple.


   The scenery is nice for the casual sports fan. There was a sports bar where many fans chatted about sports. There are many tables in view of the many TVs showing sports games. On the TVs, they showed golf, baseball, and they were even showing FOX San Diego for people to look at local news and weather reports.


  While waiting for my food, I got a golf club and decided to play some miniature golf in a small course of a few holes on the outside patio. My food arrived within 10 minutes of ordering. The chicken had a lot of spices and I enjoyed it. However, it may be a little too spicy for some people. Overall, though, it was delicious and it was very flavorful, which I liked.


   Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Crack Shack. I would recommend it to anyone who likes chicken, and they even have salads for the vegetarians. Overall, I would give it a 3/3 on service, 3/3 on things to do while waiting, and 3.5/4 on food. So I’d give it a 95% rating. The sports atmosphere is fun and it’s a great family restaurant, so if you need a good spot for a family dinner, Crack Shack is the place.

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Crack Shack Review