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Handel’s has many many flavors of ice cream but that is not all that they specialize in, they have sherbets, ice’s, milk shakes and more. When you walk into a Handel´s


you will almost feel at home, it is a very comforting place and the workers greet you when you walk inside their store. After that you get in a line to taste their delicious homemade ice cream. When you get up to choose your flavor the workers are really nice and very patient when you choose your flavor. For their scoops they are actually bigger than you think they are, it’s one big scoop, one medium scoop, and one small scoop, in total they give you three scoops. Their prices are actually very reasonable depending on the serving size you get, for example one scoop is around $4.00. But it doesn’t just stop there they have milkshakes, sundae, parfaits, ice cream popsicles, banana splits, smoothies, etc. Handel’s is one of the only homemade ice cream shops in Encinitas. Some people that I have interviewed have said that they would choose Handel´s over any other ice cream. Grace Grudek told me that ¨their customer service is really good, they served me really fast¨. Seven McGrath has told me that Handel´s is ¨refreshing after a day surfing at the beach¨.To conclude I believe that Handel’s is very delicious and deserves a 5 out of 5.

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