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Grace mcKenzie, Editor

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By Grace McKenzie

    The traveling popup art celebration Wonderspaces visited San Diego June 2 – August 27. Wonderspaces is a collaborative, interactive gallery with 16 unique art pieces. When I went with two of my closest friends, my favorite exhibit was ADA, which is a large inflatable ball with charcoal nubs on the sides of it, and you and other participants bat it around a pristine, all white room, ADA’s charcoal nubs hit the white walls and colours them black [photo 1]. All of the exhibits are completely different and everyone has their favourites. For example, Delaney Kuepper’s favourite exhibit was The Last Word; hundreds of tightly rolled pieces of paper, dyed red on one end and left untouched on the other are placed white-side out within honeycomb- like chambers on a cardboard wall. The viewer could write a message on the paper and place it in the wall – hundreds of messages had been written. Wonderspaces inspired Delaney to start painting more, as her favourite YouTuber likes to paint and he inspired her to go to Wonderspaces. Bibi Koenig’s favourites were Transition, a VR boat ride that is a metaphor for death [there were 3 separate VR experiences which anyone could sign up for] and Blooms, sculptures spinning around extremely fast on a plate which gives the appearance of them moving. Bibi was all around inspired and “almost chose the inspired pin.” Everyone visiting the exhibition could choose from a variety of pins displayed on a huge wall, each badge was a different color and described your current mood – such as ‘inspired’, I chose ‘edgy’ and ‘inspired’. Overall, Wonderspaces is an inspirational, creative and diverse place. Unfortunately, Wonderspaces is now closed and is moving on to another town. If it came back, would you go?


ADA, for more information go to wonderspaces.com


A brief description of the exhibits:

Daydream v2 space distortion generator

ADA, #1

A religious experience a star simulator

On a human scale interactive voice piano

Pulse Portal dichroic acrylic entryway

Transition a virtual reality exhibit

Sweet Spot nylon cords hanging from the ceiling

Sonar  a virtual reality exhibit

Not myself today a mental health exhibit with mood pins

Neon Tunnel neon lights bouncing off a wall in a square formation

Blooms kinetic sculptures  

Sweepers Clock  a clock made by sweeping trash

Show it 2 me virtual reality

Come together – wooden blocks that form a fist when photographed 

On tilt an outside air dancer project photo 

You + Your shadows  a rainbow shadow distorting room

The Last word.

For more information look on line at www.wonderspaces.com where there is a list and in-depth descriptions of the work.



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