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Taco Bell x Forever 21 Collab: Hot Or Not

Lorelei Bell, Staff

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  1.     Late one Tuesday night in October, Taco Bell announced their collaboration with Forever 21. The Taco themed clothing line has sparked much interest on the internet. It ranges from sweatshirts for men to simple bodysuits for women. Many of the t-shirts have phrases on them such as, ¨My Mood Today” and ¨Too Much Sauce¨. These tops have caused a lot of controversy as to whether they are ¨hot or not”.

    I personally believe the oversized mens sweatshirts are cute and I would wear them with a simple pair of leggings. Although the more “statement” pieces, such as the bodysuits, are more questionable. They are quite eye catching and if you don’t like people constantly glancing or staring at you, I would not recommend it. I wish they had more subtle options that aren’t as bright and noticeable. The shirts come in bright oranges and pinks along with some more muted black and whites. Overall i might wear some of the less flashy pieces.

    Deciding to get a second opinion, I looked for the help of David LaRoche. When he saw the clothing his first reaction was horror. ¨Who would wear this? you could wear a cool skater brand instead. Who would want to advertise that they go to Taco Bell a lot?¨ He believes that it’s stupid to wear something advertising a company that sells ¨fake Mexican food¨. LaRoche says that if it makes you happy you should wear it, but in his opinion it looks silly and if it wasn’t so obvious that it is from Taco Bell then he might consider wearing it. He wishes it wasn’t so flashy. “The first thing I read was “Born Saucey” and can tell you, I am DEFINITELY not ‘Born Saucey’” He has hopes that they will expand to taco boardshorts in this collection. “I would be up for a taco t-shirt or taco sweatshirts but just not Taco Bell.”

Then I wanted to get a girl´s opinion, I immediately went to Anna Wallin. As soon as she saw it she gagged. ¨I want to know who exactly would ever wear that, EVER.” She shared this extreme confusion with many others on the internet, striking many articles expressing their confusion with the line. She agreed with all of the reviews. “I mean if you are really adventurous maybe the pink one [Taco Bell Patch Sweatshirt Mens] but all the others are a little too out there”. Anna stated that she would be down for other collaborations with Forever 21. “I just think that a collab with something like Starbucks or In and Out would be way cuter and would do much better than a collab  with Taco Bell.” She believes that if they had used a company that is more loved than a company like Taco Bell than the product would do better. Wallin loved the phone cases though, she believed them to be more practical and stylish. She hopes for them to expand their line of phone cases to more than just Taco Bell themes. “I mean if you are feeling ‘Taco-y’ one day and just really crave Taco Bell maybe this might look good.”

Finally I asked Kendra Kershaw for her opinion. She initially didn’t realize that the clothing were different than any other item you might find at Forever 21. Once she realized what they all shared in common she simply answered, “I mean I wouldn’t ever wear that but if you feel like advertising crappy Mexican food than you do you.” When I asked her what she meant her answer was that although this might be a way to appeal to kids for Forever 21 as a business but for Taco Bell it’s amazing advertising. “When I see this shirt it makes me think about tacos and makes me hungry, after looking at this I really want mexican food.” She also stated that just the fact that so many people are writing about these clothing lines positive AND negative it gets Taco Bell on people’s minds and provokes thought about the company. “It’s kinda like a catchy jingle, it gets into people’s minds and then they want Taco Bell.” She wished that the patterns and designs weren’t so loud. If they had been less ‘TACO BELL!!!’ All over maybe she would have worn them. Although, like Anna, she is a big fan of the phone cases. “I would have totally gotten one of those phone cases I think they are adorable!” Another thing Anna and her have in common, she would love for Forever 21 to expand their collection into other brands. “I like some of the pieces I just think overall it’s a little too ‘saucy’ for me.”

In conclusion most people like the concept just not the product. They wish it had been a different company that Forever 21 had chosen to partner with. These clothing items were definitely not too popular at Diegueno. Although, this line of clothing wasn’t the most popular, it did get a lot of publicity which is amazing marketing for both Forever 21 and Taco Bell.  The 40 year old advertising executives definitely missed the ball on this one. Maybe next time they should consult some people from the generation that will be buying this, because my reviews say this was a thumbs down. The real question now is, is this clothing line ‘hot or not’?

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Taco Bell x Forever 21 Collab: Hot Or Not