90´s Clothes are Coming Back!

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90´s Clothes are Coming Back!

Katelyn Wade, Staff

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90’s Clothing is Coming Back! 

Looking around DNO Middle school, you might think that you were back in the 90’s. From Doc Martens to mom jeans, this trend is taking over middle schools and high schools across the country.

One of the most simplest items that are back today are scrunchies. Whether you are wearing them on your wrist or in your hair, just about everyone is carrying around one of these.

Along with the scrunchies, another popular accessory is a mini backpack or fanny pack. After becoming famous in the movie Clueless, they were popular, died out, and are back again. When walking around Diegueno, one thing that you will definitely see is mom jeans. These range from any different colors, textures, and styles.

 “I like the style of jeans that they had because they are high waisted and there are a lot of different ways you can style them. I like Nike Cortez shoes because they are really unique and they give off a good 90’s zibe.”

-Gia Mora (8)


On shirts, skirts, mini backpacks, pants and more, cheetah print can be found almost anywhere. After being introduced way back in the 20’s, this print was mostly on big furry coats, which are also back in style. Also, I talked to eighth grader Sophie Patton. She loves this trend and wears 90’s style clothing daily. “I think it’s super cute. I want to go back to that time because I like the clothes so much. All of the patterns are so adorable.”






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