Super Bloom!

Sofia Pani, Staff

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The California Super Bloom

If you live in California, you have probably seen pictures of the spread of poppies going viral. After California experienced many days of rain, the orange poppies started blooming in Central and Southern California. The flowers are so bright that you can see them from space!

Getty Images
LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 12: People visit a super bloom of wild poppies blanketing the hills of Walker Canyon on March 12, 2019 near Lake Elsinore, California. Heavier than normal winter rains in California have caused a super bloom of wildflowers in various locales of the state. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As soon as people heard the news they flew from all over to experience the flowers for themselves. Of course, instagrammers were going crazy about this and went and laid in the flowers for photos. The problem was, the mountain ranges had to be closed because people were getting stuck in the mud or have even tumbled down the hill trying to get the perfect shot.

As many know, California had been in a drought for many years before all this rain. Now we are proud to say that for the first time in 7 years, California is drought free. California is known for our beautiful and warm weather all year round. It does not usually rain here so it took us by surprise when there was non stop rain. No one had the clothes or was prepared for the above average rain we experienced.

The people are not the only ones can get hurt in the super bloom, the flowers are dying too. With people going out and walking on the flowers where there is not a trail to get good pictures, the flowers are dying. The poppies in this area are very fragile can die very easily. People think they can do whatever they want for a photo and they do not care that they are going to kill all of the flowers eventually. At this rate, all the flowers will be dead very soon.

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