The Witches Movie 1990 Vs The Witches 2020 Movie


Audrey Skerl, Staff

The Witches 1990 Vs The Witches 2020


Audrey Skerl

Nov. 20, 2020    



     The Anne Hathaway remake of The Witches movie was definitely more spine chilling than The Anjelica Huston original. However, to be fair the 2020 version contained quite a bit of CGI or computer generated images, as opposed to the 1990 version which was done purely out of make-up and costumes. Nevertheless, both movies were thrilling to watch and included equally dark plots. Even though Anne Hathaway’s was a remake the two movies are surprisingly different. To start off the 1990 version was set in Europe and the 2020 version in the U.S. How the witches looked also changed drastically. In the 1990 version, the witches all had purple pupils as opposed to black. They had long fingers with dangerously long nails. They even wore wigs and masks to conceal their real appearance. However, in the 2020 version, the witches had normal pupils, short fingers, and instead of five on each hand, they had three. They also had no toes. Even so, that was nothing compared to their smiles. They stretched all the way to their ears and their mouth was filled with sharp pointy teeth. Nevertheless, the only thing that was the same between the looks of the witches in these two versions was that both wore wigs. As a result, the 2020 version’s plot was unique but was still inspired by the original 1990 The Witches. In order to avoid spoilers, I won’t go into detail about what was changed in the plot. It was mainly towards the ending of the movie where it had its own twist and a couple of other small details. I loved each of these movies equally and respect the work of both directors greatly.