Aspen Martin, staff

Hollywood is one of the most popular tourist destinations with over nine million people visiting a year. Lots of celebrities live there and many attractions and fun things to do happen daily, but what are some of the most breathtaking and fun things to do there? 

Each of the letters on the Hollywood sign are forty five feet tall. It doesn’t look that tall from far away but what if you get close enough for a good selfie? From wherever you are, you can get to a good location to see the Hollywood sign. Take a very steep road in a neighborhood, see some beautiful views of L.A. and tall pleasing houses, turn on “W Observatory Road” and you’re there. If you want from there, hike up and touch them. 

One thing that won’t cost money is seeing houses that cost a lot of money. Drive through Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and maybe see some famous people. Houses in those neighborhoods have amazing architecture and are beautiful on the outside and in. get lost and see some views that are worth seeing. This will be the cheapest highlight. 

If your trip hasn’t had you run into any celebrities yet, visit Madame Tussaud Wax Museum and take photos with Micheal Jackson, Brittney Spears, and Jimmy Falon. Take videos with props, do a virtual reality scene, and make a wax figure of your hand. Hand prints in the concrete around the Chinese Theater are seen before you go into the experience.

Hollywood is an amazing place with amazing things to do. These are just some of the things there.