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Diegueno’s Varsity Field Hockey

Morgan Zuccaro, Editor

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          The Diegueno Middle School varsity field hockey team is made of a group of extremely talented and athletic girls. Coached by Cassidy and Riley, the team ended up making it to the playoffs! They worked very hard all season long and clearly it paid off. The team is made up of Kaelin Facinelli, Jamie Ma, Teagan Alstrin, Crosby McQueen, Sophia Tillman, Carolynn Mungovan, Sophia Ford, Mckenna Likins, Claire Lucewicz, Kate O’Hara, Jordan Kremer, Madeline Moe, Sarah Kirk, Sarah Hansen, Anastasia Terris, Hayden Ma, Allison Kremer, and Sydney Evans. In field hockey, the positions consist of forwards, midfielders, fullbacks, and a goalie. Each position has a specific role to contribute to the game. Every girl on the team was also assigned their own position to have throughout the season. The winter sport has ended, but when still in motion, the girls had practice from 3:30-5:00 pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Games were supposed to be once a week, but unfortunately due to the rain, many were mixed up or canceled.


   Allison Kremer was one of the varsity players that played as a defender. When asked what she liked most about being on the team, she replied, “I like being on a team and making a bunch of friends!” But Allison did not enjoy the complicated schedule due to the weather. She says “Everything got super confusing because of the rain. We had like two practices and whenever it wasn’t raining we had a game!” Another teammate was Sydney Evans who also played defender. Sydney reported that she liked “being able to spend time with my friends and being able to play a sport we all like.” Both girls reported that they highly enjoyed being on this intense team. Sadly, the field hockey season has ended. However, Diegueno is still immensely proud of the accomplished team! Good job girls!

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Diegueno’s Varsity Field Hockey