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SheBelieves Cup 2017- Women’s Soccer

Vanessa Anguiano, Staff

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The SheBelieves Cup happens every year. The SheBelieves Cup is women’s soccer. It started between March 1-7, 2017. It was held and hosted in the United States. The four women soccer teams in the cup were the United States, Germany, France and England. United States is ranked first in the world, Germany is ranked second in the world, France is ranked third in the world and England is ranked fifth in the world. Four of the top five ranked teams in the world played in the United States, which were listed above. There are first, second and third place winners.

Last year, the SheBelieves Cup winner was the United States. There has been a big turn around. This year, France is the SheBelieves Cup 2017 winner. They claimed their victory after a defeat over United States 3-0, which placed the US in fourth place. Germany beat England in their final match 1-0, which put them in second place and England in third.

All the teams are now looking ahead to the 2019 World Cup. Until then the teams will play friendly matches and begin training in the upcoming months. Women soccer teams from all over the world will gather to play in the World Cup. They must start preparing themselves to play each other once again.

Final Results:

Final Position Team Points Goal Standings
1 France 7 +4
2 Germany 4 0
3 England 3 -1
4 United States 3 -3

*Points are determined by the number of goals a team has scored during each of the three games by the end of the tournament

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SheBelieves Cup 2017- Women’s Soccer