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Soccer City: A New Place for Entertainment


Madelyn Sequeira, Staff

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The Chargers have left Qualcomm Stadium leaving many football fans feeling down. Although our beloved San Diego Chargers have left, it has opened an opportunity for the soccer fans of San Diego to finally get an MLS (Major League Soccer) team of their own. Because Qualcomm Stadium is no longer being used, Soccer City, a new place for entertainment and recreation, has been proposed to take its place.

Soccer City is planned to have a fully equipped professional soccer stadium, six community recreation fields, a sports entertainment district, residential units, and shops. In order for Soccer City to be built, residents of San Diego have to sign a petition authorizing the project. If Soccer City gets enough votes then the City Council will decide whether it will be built or not. Residents also have the opportunity to vote for the team name, uniform, and colors.

Soccer City is the opportunity for San Diego to come together through a sports team. Youth players will be able to have a professional soccer team to look up to, the only question is, will this soccer team break the streak of bad sports teams in San Diego? The benefits that Soccer City will bring to San Diego are tremendous. Vote Now at http://www.soccercitysd.com/vote/




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Soccer City: A New Place for Entertainment