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The Cubs Trophy Mishap

Jillian Aasand, Staff

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The Cubs won the World Series, but their prize possession to remember their victory was damaged! You would think that this glamorous trophy was broken by some tragic incident, but actually it was not expected for it to ever happen this way.

Epstein’s foundation hosted a charity concert at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. While on stage with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Epstein encouraged the audience to pass around the Commissioner’s Trophies awarded to the Red Sox in 2004 and the Cubs trophy awarded at the most recent World Series in 2016. At the time it sounded like a fun idea, but after the incident it didn’t sound like the best thing they could have done.

While the trophies were crowd surfing above the “drunken crowd” the trophy might have received a “couple dents”. “At least a few” of the 30 gold-plated flags on the top of the Cubs trophy were snapped off, in need of repair.

Later it was reported that the missing flags were found and were attached back onto the prize possession inferring that the trophy is now in pristine condition again. What a relief.


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The Cubs Trophy Mishap