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Diegueno’s Track and Field Team of 2017

Taylor Lee, Editor

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Picture Credit: Alyssa and Grace

This year fall 2017 track and field consists of many great seventh and eighth graders on this team. The season began around March and is going to end on May 6, 2017. It is a great place to make friends, have fun, and is something that may give you relaxation if you like to run. The coaches for this team are Jeanette Mena (Data Processor), Robin Missailidis (Head Coach), Jenee Peevy (Sports Info Director), and Christine Silcox (Assistant coach). The athletes for this team are Daniel Pedler, Claire-Marie Killeen, Joey Balardeta, Lauren Martinez, Molly Ford, Lola Taylor, Ian Finley, Tyler Holl, Presley Bennett, Jack Gerraughty, Neven Zivkovic, Maddie Soloman, Ivy Hochman, Aidan  Millsap, Jack Righetti, Sydney Weaber, Benjamin Tkach, Michael Bellanca, Daniel Geva, Ava Mazzilli, Aidan Ormond, Garrett Brown, Emma Whitfield, Michael Keating, Hunter Suhonen, Ariella Pacheco, Aiden Lippert, Georgia Patyna, Connor Leite, Jadon Gramata, Dylan Fishbough, Madelyn Sequeira, Camila Ruiz, Quinn Sbrega, Grace Truong, Brody Bevacqua, James Mckenzie, Conner Rea, Jael Brandenburg, Gavin Miyagawa, Kate Glancy, Tyler Johnson, Allison Kremer, Colin Magers, Katheryn Robinson, Ian Seifert, Thomas Gonzales, William Malony, Emma Stanford, Danielle Thompson, Jessica Oden, Alyssa Ruhle, and Claire Connor. Practices are usually held on Monday and Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5 pm.

There are many different events for different people to join. It could range from running a 1600 m, 100 m, 400 m, 800 m, relays, doing hurdles, long jumps, high jumps, and shotputs. Track meets have been held at  in Oceanside High School, La Costa Canyon High School, and Carmel Valley Middle School competing against many other teams from other middle schools. They have won one meet so far as team at the Optimus meet on April 20, 2017. Alyssa Ruhle 8th grader says, ¨I wanted to join track and field because I love running even though I might not be as fast, I wanted to try to improve with my running and try something new,” Alyssa is currently doing 100 m, long jumps, and shot put. Alyssa continues by saying, “Track is fun when you meet new friends.” Jael another eighth grade track and field team member at Diegueno contributes by saying, “There is something for everybody if the person doesn’t think they are good at running!”

For training, they usually prepare by doing 2 warm up laps together as a team, striders, then stretching in the beginning. Then the team members splits into long and short distance groups or plays a game. After practice occasionally, they go to have dinner together as a team to The Habit and been there twice as a group. Jael concludes by telling me, “People should join track and field because it’s an opportunity to be a part of a team with boys and girls and have fun!” Thank you for making Diegueno proud with your hard work for track and field Cougars!  



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Diegueno’s Track and Field Team of 2017