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Disney Moves From Cartoons to the Sports Industry

Dhilan Patel, staff

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Disney is well known for its cartoons, their famous movies, and the famous Disneyland and Disney World amusement parks. They made the Mickey Mouse cartoon character, the Cinderella movies, and they even have made the most recent movies from the legendary movie series known as Star Wars. But did you know that they are going to stream their own sports? They are going to build their own Netflix-Style sports channel.

Disney will be making two of their streaming services, with one for shows and movies made from Disney, and the other service streaming only sports. The New York Times wrote about this in their article, “Disney Plots Streaming, From ‘Star Wars’  and Marvel to Pay-Per-Sports” Brooks Barnes wrote “The ESPN service will arrive sooner — ‘sometime this spring,’ Mr. Iger said — and include, as previously disclosed, thousands of events not currently shown on ESPN, including hockey, baseball, tennis, college sports.” Robert A. Iger is Disney’s chief executive who announced the launch of two new programs this spring, including the sports program.

This is great for people who like sports or Disney, because if you want to see extras or more about sports that are not currently being shown on ESPN, then the streaming service would be great for you. But a downside to this would be that if you already pay for some sports channel access, then you would be paying extra for a service that gives you a little bit extra, but they might not give you everything that you watch on cable or satellite. Then, you would be paying more money per month, which can get pretty expensive. Also, if you have a Hulu, Netflix, or other subscription to streaming services, then the disney sports subscription could get a little pricey if you want sports and movie or television streaming services.

Although this may seem like a good idea to a lot of people, maybe even you, Mr. Iger’s statement might have done the opposite to people. After Mr. Iger made his remarks, Disney’s shares fell four percent during mid-day trading. Comcast, one of the nation’s largest cable providers, said that “…His company expected to lose 100,000 to 150,000 subscribers in the third quarter,” in the same New York Times article mentioned earlier. Their shares also fell, a whopping seven percent.

To sum up, Disney is definitely changing the way we watch our sports. But is this new streaming service a new thing of our age, or is Disney trying to copy other services that provide the same things? Some people may think that streaming sports is a great thing, and that it will make the way we watch our sports even better. Other people might think this is too much money for a service that they could already watch for a lower price on ESPN networks and services. So, do you think that this is a great service that you would pay for, or is the switch too much of a bill for a couple of exclusive features, with everything else being more or less the same?

More about Wall Street Journal’s article:disney-streaming-services.html

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Disney Moves From Cartoons to the Sports Industry