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Do Kids Enjoy Independent Study Physical Education Or Regular Physical Education Better?

Isabelle Olah and Isabella Navales

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At many schools, including our own, students are lucky enough to have choices they can choose for their Physical Education. The options that most students enjoy, that is provided at our school, is Independent Study and regular Physical Education. Independent Study is where you choose a sport that you do outside of school. You do that sport for Physical Education points. Regular Physical Education is where you search, do an activity, and do a short cardio. What do we like better though, do they enjoy Physical Education at school or Independent Study Physical Education more? In interviews with students who attend Diegueno Middle School, we find out their opinions on Physical Education to see which option they enjoy more.

8th grader Alexis Kasi who does Independent Study, was asked what she enjoys about doing that Physical Education choice. Alexis says she enjoys being able to ¨get out of school early and do whatever sport you like to play or practice.¨Secondly, we asked if there was anything she didn’t like about doing Independent Study, Alexis responded with a simple no because she enjoys it a lot. Lastly, when I asked whether Alexis prefers Independent Study over regular Physical Education, and she said ¨yes, I’m on a swim team and most middle schools don’t offer swim for Physical Education. In regular Physical Education you learn just the basic sports and you only get to play them for a certain amount of time. In Independent Study you can practice what sport you want for however long you want.¨

8th grader Ella Podgurski does regular Physical Education and she is a cheerleader. We asked her if she thinks Physical Education is more beneficial than Independent Study and she said that “Physical Education is a good chance for kids to get exercise when they’re not getting enough exercise at home, but I think that they are both equal, depending on what sport you do.” Physical Education makes her work hard and she thinks that the cardio is fair. Also, she believes that  the activities that she does in Physical Education are fun. The last question we asked Ella was: that if she thought everyone in the school should do regular Physical Education instead of Independent Study. She answered with “there should be some limitations and they should let cheer leading be a sport that you can do for Independent Study.” If Diegueno offered cheer leading as an Independent Study Physical Education sport Ella would love to do Independent Study.

8th grader Mia Macdonald does Water Polo for Independent Study. Water Polo makes Mia work out, because she is swimming for two hours every other day and it benefits her legs to be stronger. We asked her if she wishes that she did regular Physical Education and she said “no, because I don’t have to do all of the running and I get to leave earlier than the rest of the kids.”  She believes that Independent Study is more fitting for her because “I am not only working out, I’m also writing essays of how I am improving on Water Polo.” The last question we asked Mia was: do you think everyone should be required to do Independent Study instead of regular Physical Education. “No, because I think Physical Education is more beneficial for people who don’t do sports, and if they don’t do sports then there’s no point to do Independent Study.” she answered.

8th grader Ailish Owens does regular Physical Education and she thinks it’s not too bad. She wishes she was in Independent Study because she thinks she will like Independent Study better. “I like some of the activities that we do in Physical Education and I like the different sport units we play. If you have some of your close friends in your Physical Education class that’s even more fun.” Physical Education makes Ailish work hard because she runs a lot. Lastly we asked Ailish if Physical Education was more beneficial or Independent Study Physical Education? She responded with “I believe that Independent Study is more beneficial because you get to do your own sport that you pick and like. Also, you get to spend time on your sport and pay attention to one sport for the year instead of 12 different sports in regular Physical Education.”

Based on these students thoughts above, kids seem to enjoy Independent Study  more than regular Physical Education. Students in Independent Study seem to really like it, and want to continue doing it. Students in regular Physical Education would prefer to do Independent Study because it gives them more freedom in being able to choose whatever sport they want to do. In the future, who knows what will happen with Independent Study and regular Physical Education, but hopefully they will continue with both options.

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Do Kids Enjoy Independent Study Physical Education Or Regular Physical Education Better?