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Are they highlighters or confident tennis players?

Josie Butte, Staff

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        On January 10-28, 2018 the players sponsored by Nike in The Men’s Australian Open, wore brightly colored tennis outfits in a goal to intimidate their opponents. Nike chose a color that is now being compared to highlighters, salmon and even colored licorice. But Nike’s goal isn’t to make their players look like fish or highlighters but it was to bring back the power of the color of pink. The pink was an attempt to bring back the 1990’s vibrant and confident behavior. While the old outfits have drawn a mixed response from viewers, who complained they’re being blinded by the onslaught of fuchsia. Nike says that’s kind of the point. Nike’s goal was to bring attention to their players and bring attention to make the biggest impact on the blue court which especially makes their players stand out. I asked Katie Codd, What she thought about the players wearing the color pink and she respond with I think it was different, they stood out more. And tennis players traditionally wear blacks or whites or blues not vibrant pinks”. Nike’s other goal with all of their players wearing pink was to say that pink isn’t a girly color it is empowering and strong. I asked Kyle Kaplan what he thought about the outfits worn by the Nike sponsored tennis player in the Australian Open “ I think that the color makes them look cool (F.Y.I the color is salmon not pink)”. Kyle Kaplan points out that he thinks that the color is salmon not pink.” I think that Nike made a bold choice that will be remembered in the tennis industry for many years to come.




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Are they highlighters or confident tennis players?