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Luke Potter, DNO’s very own golf prodigy

Skyler Martin, Editor

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Luke Potter is a normal 8th grade boy. He goes to Diegueno Middle school and plays lots of sports. For those who know him outside of school though, they’re in awe- after all, he is #1 in the state and #5 in the world for his age group- for golf, that is.

I had the chance to interview him for this article, and although he kept blushing, he told me a few things involving his favorite sport.

How long have you been playing golf?

Ive been playing for 12 years- since I was two years old.

How did you start playing?

My dad introduced me to the sport- we like watching it together.

How many competitions do you have a year?

I have around 20 tournaments a year.

How long do you practice a day?

I do ISPE and 0 period, so I can practice for around four hours a day.

Whats your ranking in the state and the world for your age group?

In California, I’m ranked  #1 and 5th in the world.

What is your average 18-hole score?

My average is 200 par.


“I like the competition of golf best. I work hard because I like winning and getting trophies.” he told Del Mar Times. “I just want to keep playing through college and see where it goes from there.”

Luke’s dad, P.J. Potter, said, “He’s always hit the ball pretty straight, was always good with his irons, but the big improvement has been his short game and putting. He’s taken that really serious from the end of last season, he’s put in a lot of extra time and practice on the short game and it’s helped him a lot.” (Del Mar Times)

Luke’s favorite golf players are “Jordan Spieth because he is clutch, Ben Hogan because he worked really hard to get better and Byron Nelson because we have the same birthday,” he said in a recent interview.


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Luke Potter, DNO’s very own golf prodigy