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MLB Free Agency: The Best Free Agents Left on the Market

Evan Goldman, Adviser

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MLB Free Agency: The Top Free Agents Left on the Market

This year’s MLB Free Agency has been exciting so far, and with several of the top free agents still left on the market, there is promise for more interesting/ high paying deals. While there are many free agents left on the market, two free agents stand out among this year’s Major League Baseball free agent class.

This offseason has been filled with excitement so far over the recent free agent multi-year, hundred million dollar contract signing of Yu Darvish with the Chicago Cubs, J.D. Martinez with the Boston Red Sox, and Eric Hosmer with the San Diego Padres. Mike Moustakas and Jake Arrieta are the top free agents left on the free agent market as spring training is in the near future. “These players are really talented and deserve big contracts,” says Eighth grader Jake Hagen, “they are really fun to watch play,” these signings bring hope to the rest of the free agents hoping to score an amazing multi-year deal.

Jake Arrieta is the best starting pitcher left on the free agent market for this year. He has pitched with the Cubs for five seasons, won the Cy Young Award (Most Valuable Pitcher) in 2015, and won the world series with the Cubs in 2016. Sources have reported that Arietta is looking to land a four-plus year deal, however since he is over 30 years old (31) most teams are looking for a shorter term deal with this older player. Some of the teams who are reportedly interested in Jake Arrieta are the New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, and the Philadelphia Phillies. One thing is for sure, Jake Arrieta is a name to watch in the upcoming weeks, as a big deal could be looming.

Mike Moustakas is the best position player who is still unsigned this offseason. Moustakas has played third base for the Kansas City Royals since his career started in 2011. Moustakas has been gradually approaching superstar level since then and has been named a two-time all star, as well as having won the World Series with the Royals in 2015. Moustakas is coming off of his best season ever in which he had a career high in homeruns (38) which was the sixth highest total in the MLB. Moustakas is reportedly seeking a three or more year deal for up to 80 million dollars. Teams interested in Moustakas include the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees.

This offseason is nearly over and these two free agents are still on the Major League Baseball. These two names are certainly ones to watch with the new season of baseball coming up. These two free agents may wait until the last minute to sign a contract, however these talented ball players will certainly make an impact wherever they wind up.

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MLB Free Agency: The Best Free Agents Left on the Market