In it to Win it!

Katelyn Wade and Riley Reeves, Staff

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Here at DNO, our pe program is fun and offers you activities that will keep you in good shape! Our general PE program is nothing short of amazing! Throughout the year, we do different activities so you can try new sports, or practice the ones you already play. In personal fitness PE, we focus on agility, cardio, and working on your personal goals. You will go on off campus hikes, intense cardios, and have time to stretch and think about what you want to get better at physically. In basketball PE, our only focus is getting you better at basketball. You play tournaments, friendly games, or even games with your best friends.

     Let’s hear about some of our DNO students’ favorite sports:

“My favorite sport is cheer because I like to tumble.” – Emma Gillbank (8)


“I like tennis because it’s fun and I’ve gotten really good at it.” – Connor Overton (8)


“My favorite sport is soccer because it makes me happy, and I like the rush and excitement”

– Ella Mondero (8)


“Soccer and tumbling. I like tumbling because you get to learn a bunch of new tricks, and I like soccer because you get to meet new friends.” – Lauren Greenburger (7)

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