NHL Wardrobe Fail

Kate Beson, Staff

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    Levi Patton is your average fan who adores hockey, sitting in the stands with an excited gleam in his eyes. He cheers when his favorite team, Dallas Stars, scores; he is always looking forward to a new game in the future. He was soon thrilled when he received a Christmas present from his girlfriend (Nicole Auryn-Plummer) of a hockey jersey. The shirt was quite big on him and very baggy, a bit wrinkly as well, but he pushed away that thought and wore it to the next game in Amarillo, Texas. Little did Patton know, this shirt would bring him great joy in the game.

    Levi Patton stated that before the game started, he was sitting in his seat when Dallas Stars equipment manager approached him. The man simply asked what his size was and Patton replied quickly, ¨´Your talking to me?´¨ After he told him it was extra large, the manager asked if Alexander Radulov could wear it.

    Later, girlfriend Nicole said, ¨He took that jersey off so fast and tossed it right to them. He had no shame.¨

The manager said it was a result of a wardrobe malfunction. The Dallas right winger was seen tugging at an official Adidas jersey that did not fit well in the first period. Patton says that he could see Radulov tugging and pulling at his own wrinkly jersey, by the second period the hockey player could take it no more.

    Once the game was finished with a 4-3 Stars loss, Patton exited the building with a sweaty and tattered jersey that was returned, as well as autographed by Radulov himself.

¨I got the jersey back and it was soaking wet. It absolutely reeks, and it was not smelling the best,¨ Patton said, still proud he contained the story that later went viral on Facebook.

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