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In the world of sports, Serena William is fairly well known. Serena is a female tennis player and rather good at her job. Recently, Williams attended the French opening an was prepared to play. Not only was she ready physically, but she was extremely happy with the outfit she was wearing, saying it made her feel like a ¨warrior princess¨ from one of marvelś fictional nations.

Serena wore her ¨Black panther¨ style catsuit to the French opening, exited. Can you imagine how she felt when her outfit was banned. Thatś right, her outfit was banned from the French opening by the president himself. He said he was “unimpressed” at her choice of outfit, newsflash Mr. President, it’s a tennis match, not a fashion show. According to the president of the french opening, “The outfit did not show respect to the game or competition,” although some say this was a lame attempt at an excuse and he was being extremely biased.

Protesters say that Serena is just being singled out again and that the president had no right to do what he did. Some claim that he was being sexist due to the fact male members have been known to be shirtless while on the side of the court, but most believed this was an act of racism. Williams was not the first to wear a catsuit, but she was the first to be punished. In 1985, a white woman wore a on outfit similar except for the color of the suit itself and got away with it,  no questions asked. It may have just been considered differently in 1985, but this wouldn’t have been the first time racism was thrown at Serena.

An eighth grade student at Diegueno Middle School was asked for her opinion on the topic, “…I think that it wasn’t cool for him (the president of the french opening) to do that. He banned an outfit that had nothing wrong with it and had a purpose other than making the person wearing it look and feel good. I think that the fact she’s a girl had something to do with it, you never see guys getting in trouble for their choices on what to wear.” states Ana Kertesz. The student made a valid point many would agree with.

Whether her race or gender affected the outcome, it still ended up with the outfit being banned from the French opening. Serena had recently began playing after  leave of absence due to her pregnancy and she returns to the court with another fan, ready to support her mom. After having her kid, William’s was having blood clots that could have an end result in harm done to her body, and death at worse. The catsuit was designed to help  Serena with this problem and since it was banned, the tennis player may have health issues after the match. This leads us to wonder if the president knew or cared about the safety of his players if he knew and so carelessly banned the outfit.

Whatever the reason the outfit was banned, all that matters is that Serena Williams ended up ok. This probably affected her, and it definitely stirred up a fuss, but overtime it will pass. There is no proof that the president is either racist or sexsist, but [eople will believe what they want to believe. Maybe Serena didn’t get to dress as the warrior princess she wants to be, but she definitely handled the situation and played like the queen we all know she is.

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