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2017-2018 Staff

kate alberts

coolest guy in the room

*chill tone* 'Sup ma dudes. The name's Alberts. Kate Alberts. Math honors dropout. Aspiring middle school dropout. *finger guns* part time ex boyband member someimes. 1/2 of "A Few Different Directions" Mixtape dropping next tues....

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Isabella navales


Hey, I'm Isabella Navales and in 8th grade. I enjoy many things but my favorite is sleeping. Hope you enjoy our newspaper!

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Marina Nicolaidis


Hey ma bros, you're probably clicking on this profile thinking you're gonna get a nice, well-thought out description of myself. Well, you guessed right. It's your least favorite ex boy band member, Netflix watcher, child of the...

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Starr Harrell


Hi! My name is Starr Harrell and im in seventh grade. I enjoy doing journalism and posting articles on DNO sun for all students to read... or at least skim through. Hope you have a good day!     ...

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Macy Viemeister


I am a seventh grader who went to Flora Vista Elementary. I have always enjoyed reading and writing so I love taking this class! I would rather write fictional pieces over non fiction but I enjoy it nonetheless. Although reading...

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Dhilan Patel


Hi, my name is Dhilan Patel. I like to cook, play Magic The Gathering, and I like computers and what you can do with them. I became a part of Journalism because I like to write about real life topics, and I like to write about...

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  My name is Isla Callender, I was born in Russia during the Dagestan War. I escaped with nothing but the clothes on my back and my pet tiger, Archibald. On my way out, I killed ten soldiers with my bare hands. That was...

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Mia Roselinsky


Hello I'm Mia.  I am part of the DNO 2017-2018 journalism class, welcome to our newspaper.  I like being part of the journalism class because I enjoy expressing myself through writing and photography.  This class also allows...

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Gigi Lea


Hello, Its Gigi Lea, I am a 7th grader at this school and I love playing my guitar and hanging out with my friends and family. I have a dog and she is the sweetest animal in the world.

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Emily Broyles


I'm Emily Broyles, I am 13 and in 8th grade. I love horseback riding, playing piano, writing, taking photos, and much more. I am happy to be in journalism again. I am excited to create the yearbook and newspaper again.

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Garrett Lee


I am Garrett Lee, an 8th grade student at Diegueno Middle School. I enjoy freshwater fishing and basketball, as well as acting in plays and musicals. I follow the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB, and my favorite teams are the Lakers, Ducks,...

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Josie Butte


Hello I'm Josie. I enjoy being in journalism because I get to express myself through writing and putting together the yearbook. I have a cat that is 21 years old and enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

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Alaina Burke


Hol up its Alaina Burke, come chill with Brooke and I at lunch we sit by the potty. xoxo *It's always sunny in Philadelphia*

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Brooke Dunphy


Hold up Hold up hol up Hold Up hold up hol up hold up hol up hold up hol up.  Come chill with Lainey and I at the potty at lunch. *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*

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Andrew Loren


Hello. I am in 8th grade (13 years of age) and I enjoy writing. A little about myself: my favorite food is crab, my favorite sport to play is tennis, I am a Jew (Kyle asked me to put this), the biggest Baltimore Orioles fan in...

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Isbaelle Olah


Hi! Welcome to the Dno newspaper! A little bit about myself is that I love to bake, shop, watch Netflix, and hang with friends. I hope you enjoy our content.

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Emily Truelock


Hi! I'm Emily Truelock! I am in the 2017-2018 journalism comitee and my hobbies include traveling, lacrosse, photography, and designing.

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Kyle Kaplan


I'm Kyle Kaplan, I love to take photos, travel, make YouTube videos and short films, be an entrepreneur, and hang out with friends. I hope you enjoy our newspaper.

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Emily Broyles


Phones with sparkles By Emily Broyles There have been many new phones coming out recently and that means new phone cases are coming out as well. One of the most popular and recent phone case is the case with sparkles. It is ...

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