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Diegueno Sun

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Spring Training 2017

Spring training for the Major League Baseball Association consists of scrimmages, conditioning, fielding and hitting. The games do not count but they are equally important and help the players get better. It lasts for a few months and then into the season they go. Michael Chamberlin, a well known seventh grader, says that spring training is amazing and that he likes going to the games. Michael also says it is less crowded, which allows him to go more often. During spring training, teams compete and test out their new players. It shows the team managers what positions the players are fit for. It helps for the season because then the players do not get selected for a random position where they do not have many talents. The teams stay close to their home town so they do not get burnt out when the regular season comes around. Also, the access rules at the games are a lot more relax, you can get much closer to the action. Some fields are quite small and few are the same size as a real field.

Eli, staff