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Kate Alberts
*chill tone* 'Sup ma dudes. The name's Alberts. Kate Alberts. Math honors dropout. Aspiring middle school dropout. *finger guns* part time ex boyband member someimes. 1/2 of "A Few Different Directions" Mixtape dropping next tues. probably. check out our soundcloud acct @afewdifdirectionsboyband . idk tho cuz brad left the band to join a serious relationship with my mom or whatever. he's such a jerk. my step dad brad was our funding guy/ tringle player so were accepting donations please. will exchange sneak peek of christmas mixtape 4 money.

[caption id="attachment_5000" align="alignright" width="475"] is this the krusty krab? no this is patrick.[/caption]

kate alberts, editor

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