Diegueno Sun

Diegueno Sun

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Surf Team



Ryan Auger, Joao Brogiollo, Tyler Coon, Oliver Dirkmaat, Luke Ek, Jake Farb, Trevor Fritts,

Alex Glenn, Thomas Gonzales, Austin Gudger, Seth Helmer, Blake Kafka, Logan Lavine,

Ben Levy, Max Levy, Zack Lewis, Jason Martinez, Tyler Nagdevand, Devin Oulet, Jake Shmauss Curan Phillips, Landon Southard, Brody Sturgis, Hayden Vance, Kai Walsh, Cole Williams,

Evan Wilson

Who is your favorite surfer?

Curan Phillips: Julian Wilson

Seth Helmer: Curan Caples

Evan Wilson: John John Florence

What is your favorite thing about surfing?

Curan Phillips: “Shredding the gnar”

Seth Helmer:”Getting Shacked”

Evan Wilson: “When the waves are good”

What made you want to start surfing?

Curan Phillips: “I started surfing because surfers get all the babes”

Seth Helmer; ‘I like to show of my abs to the supermodels”

Evan Wilson: “I love being in the water”

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Surf Team