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Surfing vs. Skating

Surfing vs. Skating


by Josie Willard


Surfing and Skating are two very different sports.  Surfing, is a water sport, whereas skating is on land. Although there differences they can also be very similar. Lots of kids that surf also skate because of the similarities.  Such similarities include , the same concept and movements. Between skating and surfing which is better?  Which to people enjoy more? Why is that? These were some of the questions the Diegueno surfer/skaters were asked.


The surfer/skaters of Diegueno all agreed that surfing was the better sport and more enjoyable. Some people thought that when your skating its really bumpy whereas, when surfing its really smooth. Also, in skating everyone agreed that you get hurt more than you do while surfing. When asked what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done or seen while surfing, Cole Williams, a 7th grader at Diegueno said, “getting barreled.” Another 7th grader, Curan Phillips, said “Tom Curran getting barreled in Santa Cruz.”  Although surfing is favored at Diegueno everyone said that they believe that skating is a more popular sport because, of the X games and the fact that there are more pros in skating than surfing. Also, in order to surf you need a beach and there are more skate parks than beaches.

Skating and surfing, are both very fun sports.  Overall, people agree that surfing is more enjoyable, but skating is more popular country wide. We wish that surfing was more practiced throughout the country, you can help us make it that way.

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Surfing vs. Skating