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Terrible Referees

imageTerrible Referees:) by:Jeffrey Furgerson

Have you ever thought about going through a T.V screen and hitting the referee of a game, or if you are in your own game? Or felt annoyed when you get pushed to the ground but still no call? There are lots of bad referees out there. Some calls are so bad you just want to scream. Overall it is super rare to find a good referee and most referees are blind, color blind, dumb, have no idea where they are or just sing to the grass.

Here are some people that have been frustrated with terrible referees. Brianna Gable (Volleyball Player) says “referees are mean and always yell at me. they also make horrible calls and make my team want to scream”. Many others have experienced these bad referees. Brianna also says “These referees should not be paid”. Tessa Catledge (Soccer/Field Hockey player) said “A referee that I had was biased and really rude”. People should not go through these messes. Drew Atkins says” One time in a really important volleyball game we had really gullible referee. The other team’s coach told the referee that the score was wrong so the referee changed the score. In the end we lost our game and had a deep hatred for that referee”. In the end Referees are always gonna be half bad or half bad.
Bad referees are everywhere and they do not understand what they are doing so just beware and never make them mad. Another thing is never talk back because the referee will just become irritated and more biased.

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Terrible Referees