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The Spongebob movie: Swims in silliness, even on dry land

“The Spongebob Movie: sponge out of water” Review

The Spongebob movie was released on February 6th, and just like always, it was zany and colorful as ever. The Spongebob movie had a verity of jokes, clever puns, but some of it can be a bit much. There is a magic dolphin from outer space, they make a time machine out supplies found in a taco shop, and the cheesy high pitched song or too can be found quite annoying.
“It was good, I guess. It was a little random.” Says Skylar Masterson.
“I thought it was great!” Says Anna Wright.
Though some of it can be a little out there, it is still a great movie. It had a joke at every turn, and had good verity of jokes and puns. One thing lots of people said was that they should be super heroes for longer. It was advertised mostly that Spongebob and his friends would he superheroes for most of the film, but they were only super heroes for about thirty minutes.
“They were out of water for a lot less time then I thought they would be.” Says Will Loedel.
Most younger children thought that the movie was amazing, but adults and teens can find this very annoying. The things that Spongebob does to drive squidward nuts-the shrieks and giggles and songs-can be a lot more irritating to adults then small children.
“I thought it was really stupid, and kind of annoying.” Says Tatum Smith.
The movie had its perks, but many people said that most of it didn’t make any sense. It was way to “out there” for most people, and did not stick to a certain plot or moral of any sort.
“It’s stupid, pointless, and useless to the child brain.” Says Hannah Quini. The movie was so very random, that it makes it difficult to enjoy. At one point the formula disappears in mid air, and than suddenly, they are in a apocalyptic future and trying to make a time machine out of a taco shop. Though some of the movie was funny, and there was laughter a funny puns, this movie was a little to “out there” for many viewers.

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The Spongebob movie: Swims in silliness, even on dry land