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The Story of a Champ

          From the beginning, Carissa Moore has wowed people from around the world with her incredible surfing talent. Coming from the beautiful island of Honolulu, Hawaii, Carissa began surfing at age 4, and at the young age of 6, she began competing. From that point on, she was famous. In 2004, she was crowned the “Breakthrough Performer of the Year”. She was also competing against the boys, and was demolishing them! In 2006, she won the boys 14 and under Ripcurl Grom Search, and at age 14, she won the Quiksilver King of the Groms 16 and under. But the most astonishing breakthrough in her amatuer career was her record holding, 11 NSSA national titles.

          When Carissa joined the WCT in 2009, she ended the season in 2010 in 3rd place, and grabbed the “Rookie of the Year” title. That year, she also took down 7 time world champion, Layne Beachley, in two finals; the Reef Hawaiian Pro, and the Vans Triple Crown. Since then, Carissa has finished in the top five rankings on the WCT tour.

          At the start of her amateur career, everyone could tell that she would grow up to be a world champion, and she definitely did not disappoint anyone. She hasn’t just won one, but three world titles, all with an outstanding performance. She won her first world title at age 19 in 2011, her second at age 21 in 2013, and her third at age 23, the most recent season, 2015. Focusing on this year’s win, Carissa hasn’t had one last place result. She has won four events, one at the Gold Coast, Bells Beach, Trestles, and Honolua Bay. Her fierce world title competitor, Courtney Conologue, put up a good battle, but fell short at Honolua Bay.

          Carissa is constantly with her trainer, Lisa Stewart, surfing, and trying new things. With her outstanding athleticism and talent, she has for sure inspired many young surfer girls, and as many people say, has changed women’s surfing forever.       Carissa-970x646Nike6_Carissa-Moore_Action2_LORES

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The Story of a Champ