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The Xbox 1S

The Xbox 1S is the newest version of the Xbox.

The Good News
The Xbox 1S is 40% smaller than the original version, and no longer has the ridiculously big power brick. It can also display 4K video from streaming services and Ultra HD Blu-rays It also supports HDR contrast in video games. Also, the new controller works with Bluetooth devices.

The Bad News
4K, Ultra HD Blu-ray and HDR settings only works on newer TV’s. Also, the new controllers feel cheaper than it should. According to CNET editors, this Xbox should’ve been released 3 years ago.

Overall, according to CNET editors, the design is rated 9\10, to the ecosystem, it’s an 8\10, the features are a 9\10, the performance is a 7\10, and the value is 8\10. Overall, it’s rated 8.3\10.

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The Xbox 1S