Should Kids Be Allowed To Chew Gum In Class?

Helena Farnaes, staff

Should kids be allowed to chew gum in class? Although some teachers allow it, we are technically not allowed to chew gum in class. But some kids disagree. I have interviewed a few people on campus to see if they think chewing gum helps or distracts. The majority of the kids said that they think it should be aloud, but of course, the teachers disagreed. 


The majority of the kids said that is should be allowed because it helps them focus. They also said that it is a way to fidget with something without having to use your hands or distracting yourself too much. They also said it was quieter than using a handheld fidget. Most people said that chewing gum in class.


For those who said that chewing gum in class should not be allowed, their reasoning was that it was distracting and gross. People also said that it can be obnoxious if you are smacking it and blowing bubbles. Mrs. Smith, the journalism teacher here at Diegueno said that she thought it was distracting, messy, and sticky. She also said that she has picked up way more pieces of chewed gum off the bottom of desks than should be acceptable.


In conclusion, there are pros and cons to chewing gum in class. Although it can help you focus, chewed and smashed gum still litters our campus, so before anyone can decide whether or not it should be allowed, we need to stop sticking it everywhere. Thank you