Insidious Movie Review

Brighton Wiens, Staff

Halloween is months away but who doesn’t love a good horror movie in May! Insidious is a 2011 horror movie directed by James Wan. This movie has 3 movies produced after it. Although the last two have different characters. Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, and Lin Shaye are some of the many actors in this movie. I give Insidious an 8/10. I chose this because it has the perfect amount of scariness. Insidious is about this family and their son goes into another world in his dreams. They go on an adventure to get him back while being haunted every minute of their lives by ghosts, demons, and other scary things. The ghosts and demons pop out from behind doors, disappear within seconds making the characters question themselves if they really did see it, and creeps peeking in windows. If you like scary movies this is the perfect one for you. And the fact that it has many movies in the series keeps you on your feet the whole time. Overall I recommend this movie to everyone, even the scardy cats.