Find the Best Beach That Fits You!


Sayla Egger and Aspen Martin

Summer is right around the corner. Goodbye cold weather, jackets, and visiting the snow. This sunny weather is an important time because we can give our brains a rest from all the homework and school. June, July, and August are times for ice cream dripping in your hand while hanging out at the beach. All types of beaches are different though, some are meant for surfing and sunbathing while others are meant for boogie boarding and hanging out in the sand. What do you like at the beach? These next categories are going to navigate you in the direction of the beach that fits your personality.


Do you like surfing?

Beaches for beginner surfers with swells of 2-3 feet include, Swamis’ Beach, Moonlight Beach, and Grandview.

If you want to try something harder go to Pacific Beach, George’s, and Seaside Reef. Their swells range from 3-5 feet.


Do you like hanging in the sand?

If your taste includes building sand castles, sun bathing, and playing games in the sand then try beaches, Stone Steps, Moonlight, Cardiff Beach, Fletcher’s Cove (includes a park), and Tide Beach Park. These beaches have playgrounds, grassy areas, and most importantly an area where you can sit and relax on the sand.


Do you like tide-pools?

Tide-pools have lots of tiny creatures and a place to explore, but make sure to go at low tide! Beaches with tide-pools are Moonlight Beach, Swamis’ Beach, Cardiff State Beach, and Encinitas Beach County park.


Do you like walking to shops after a swim?

If you like to dry off then go grab a bite, ice cream, or shop after a day at your favorite beach then these are the ones for you. 101 street is right by Moonlight Beach and has dining, boba, and ice cream. One more beach that has thrifting and pizza right across the way is San Elijo State Beach. To tell you are in the right spot, look for the Cardiff Kook.