2022 Winter Olympics: What do we need to know?


Ryan Esparza

The 2022 winter olympics was a very exciting event for lots of people around the globe.

There’s a lot that happened, some of them sheer skill and others emotional and exciting. There were 109 events this year, with 15 different sports. America took home 25 total medals, 8 of them being gold. All of the events this year were blood pumping and had almost everyone on the edge of their seat. Held in Beijing, the COVID policies were unheard of which is expected by this important of an event. Local residents welcomed athletes from around the globe, encouraging them to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities, the majestic landscape and the rich cultures of Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. The olympics had 4 snow events, which included snowboard big air and freestyle skiing. The ice events had sports like figure skating, speed skating, curling, ice hockey, and even bobsledding. Athletes travelled from over 91 countries with over 300 million people watching the events that took place from all around the globe. This year, China had definitely outdone themselves. I hope to see more from all of the countries that participated in the years to come.