Drama’s Dramatic Puppets


Madison Gurr

Drama and advanced art students.

Natasha Thomas and Madison Gurr

     On October 7th, Ms. Karney’s drama class performed original puppet shows using sock puppet characters made by the advanced art class.  The unique puppets each had their own personality and were amazingly embodied by their puppeteers.  We saw creativity and love for theater shine in each performance.  Each show spotlighted a particular life lesson, many thinking about being nice to others and keeping gossip to a minimum.  The art class came to watch their puppets performing onstage (a table that was covered in a blue tablecloth.)  Six different groups performed.  Ryah, Taylor, Emily, and Grace acted in “Unfriended,” a story about drama at a costume party.  Hudson, Hailey, Ryan, and Collette performed “Bobby Wobby Baby,” a play about love and drama.  Then there was a show called “Singing Competition,” about, obviously, a singing competition by Charlotte, Talia, Kendall, and Abby.  “Shark problem” was put on by Daisy, Lily I, Cammie, and Legend that followed a young shark who stood up for himself.  Molly, Lily A, Hudson, and Parker starred in a show called, “Love story,” about a love story gone wrong.  The last play was called, “Puppets in the Real World,” by Aiden, Lane, and Bear about puppets finding their way among humans.  The puppets were colorful and bright, each showcasing individual flaws and virtues.  The shows were so enjoyable and full of fun, innovative jokes!